The Council is currently carrying out a two year project to review all its existing Bylaws. Part of this review also involves introducing new Bylaws if a need has been identified.

The first phase of this Bylaw Review project has been completed with the introduction of five new Bylaws and the review of five existing Bylaws. These ten Bylaws (see below) come into effect from 1 November 2013.

Wastewater Bylaw (2013)

Cemeteries Bylaw (1992)

Public Swimming Pools Bylaw (1992)

Water Supply Bylaw (2013)

Solid Waste Bylaw (2013)

Heavy Motor Vehicles Bylaw (2013)

Speed Limits Bylaw (2013)

Tattooists, Beauticians and Body Piercer's Bylaw (2013)

Food Safety Bylaw (2013)

Keeping of Animals Bylaw (2013)

The Council has also recently adopted a new Liquor Control Bylaw (2012) which will come into effect on 1 December 2013. Click here to view that Bylaw.

Click here to see the existing Liquor Control Bylaw which is in effect until 30 November 2013.

Stage Two

The second phase of the Bylaws Review project will take place in 2014. This will involve a review of the following Bylaws:

Alarm Systems Bylaw

Boxthorn hedges Bylaw

Dog Control Policy and Bylaw

Leg-hold Traps Bylaw

Mobile shops, hawkers and itinerant traders Bylaw

Parking Control and Traffic Bylaw

Parks and Reserves Bylaw

Powers and Enforcement Bylaw

Public Places Bylaw

Skateboard Bylaw

Stock Control Bylaw

During the review there will be a month long period of consultation for members of the public to make comment and give feedback on the Bylaws.