For advice on funding you can contact the Community Development Unit on 06 278 0555 or 0800 111 323.


FundView is New Zealand's primary source of information about funding for voluntary organisations and contains over 1000 different funding schemes. It includes funding from the government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts and some service organisations.
FundView is a searchable database that will give you the best matches of funding you are eligible for in terms of criteria along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.

There is a cost associated with using FundView, however it can be accessed free of charge, for a limited time, through the Funding Information Service and free of charge at all times from all seven South Taranaki District LibraryPlus centers.


Council Funding and Grants

All Council funding and grant application forms are available from your local LibraryPlus centre, the Council Administration Building in Hawera, or from the Executive Assistant Community Service, Maryse Ropiha email