Pictured: Hawera Hospital

South Taranaki is well served by a Base Hospital in New Plymouth, a modern hospital in Hawera, medical centres in Opunake, Hawera and Patea, and GP services in Manaia and Eltham.   There are a number of practitioners of alternative health therapies throughout the region.  High quality aged residential care facilities and privately owned retirement homes are also available.


Eltham Health Centre  132 High Street, Eltham, ph. 06 764 8702, fax 06 764 5184 

A medical centre with one full time general practitioner and medical support staff.




Mountain View Medical ph. 06 274 9232, fax 06 274 8727, 78-80 Argyle Street, Hawera or 44 Main Street, Manaia.

Mountain View Medical provides primary and allied health services to patients from throughout the district.  The centre runs an outpost service at Manaia as well.

Ruanui Health  Centre  41 Hunter Street Hawera Argyle Street, Hawera, ph. 06 278 8824, fax 06 278 0157, fax  

Ruanui Health Centre provides primary and allied health services to Ngati Ruanui and other community groups.

Dr Keith Blayney 24 High Street, Hawera, ph. 06 278 5189, fax (06) 278 6335

Dr Keith Blayney is an independent, full time general practitioner based in Hawera.




The Mountain View Medical provides primary and allied health to registered patients from throughout the district. 

44 Main Street, Manaia, ph. 06 274 9232, fax 06 274 8727


Opunake Helath Centre Havelock Street, Opunake, ph. 06 761 7324, fax 06 761 7254

The Opunake Health Centre service are available between 10am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. These hours may extend for specialist clinics.

District Nursing services, including palliative care nursing, are provided through Stratford Health Centre.

Outpatient clinics are held on a regular basis and include Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Education, Asthma Education, Cervical Screening, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Vision and Hearing Testing, Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Paediatrics and Occupational Therapy. Clinics held by private practitioners include Podiatry, Ante Natal Classes, Hearing Association and Counselling.


Coastal Care in Opunake

The community are in the process of establishing a new health, medical and social facility 'Coastal Care' in Opunake to replace our old medical centre. This will be situated on Layard Street beside the Opunake Cottage Rest Home.

Our web address is: email is:

Have a look at the website to see what's going and how you can help fundraise.



Patea Community Health Centre  1 Lincoln Street, Patea, ph. 06 273 8088.

The Patea Health Centre and District Nursing Services are available between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The District Nursing is provided weekends and Public Holidays as required. A Palliative Care Service is also provided.

Outpatient clinics are held on a regular basis, including Medical, ENT, Paediatric, Psychiatric, Diabetic Educator, Dietitian, Asthma Educator, Cervical Screening and Vision/Hearing. Blood tests and ECG's are also available at the centre.

Clinics held by private practitioners include Orthopaedic, Surgical, Podiatry. A Dental Unit is shared by a private dentist and School Dental Clinic.

The hospital courier service links with Hawera and Taranaki Base hospitals daily at lunchtime. If patient transport is needed, morning and afternoon runs are made as required. Bookings are essential.