2012-22 Long Term Plan

2012-22 Long Term Plan

The submission period for the 2012-2022 Draft Long Term Plan has now closed.

Welcome to the South Taranaki District Council's 2012 - 2022 Long Term Plan Proposal. Below are links to both the full version and Summary of the proposed Plan, as well as links to the on-line submission form.

You can also visit any LibraryPlus centre or the Hawera Administration Building to get a copy or phone (06) 278 0555 or toll free 0800 111 323 to arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

If you have any questions about the Plan or the submission process call us on 0800 111 323 during work hours (8 am - 4:30pm) or email contact@stdc.govt.nz

2012 - 2022 Long Term Plan Proposal (full version) Volume 1

Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 Key issues, Highlights and Rates Information

Section 3 Democratic Process and Cultural Services

Section 4 Recreation and Leisure

Section 5 District Economy, Community and Social Development

Section 6 Environment and Development

Section 7 Water, Waste and Roading

Section 8 Financial Statements, Policies and Feedback Form

2012 - 2022 Long Term Plan Proposal (full version) Volume 2

Section 1 Fees and Charges

Section 2 Capital Projects and footpath programme

Section 3 Policies

Section 4 Water and Sanitary Services Assessment, Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

2012 - 2022 Long Term Plan Proposal (Summary copy)

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What is a Long Term Plan?

Every three years, the Council is required to develop a new long term plan with a ten year horizon.  Planning for a period of ten years encourages the Council to take a more sustainable and long term view of our resources and the direction we are heading instead of only planning on an annual basis.

The 2012-22 proposed Long Term Plan outlines the projects, activities and services the Council intends to carry out in our community over the next ten years, with specific detail on the first three years. At this stage the proposed Plan is just that, a proposal. It is important because it provides an opportunity for you to influence the services the Council provides and the rates we pay.  The Mayor and Councillors consider all submissions before adopting the final Long Term Plan.

Key Facts and Information

Total expenditure over the next 10 years is projected to be $681 million.

For most urban and rural ratepayers the total rates increase for 2012/13 is around 4.7%.

Total rates collected are increasing on average by 4.8% over the next ten years.

Over the next 10 years it is forecast that the Council’s equity will grow from about $777 million to $1.06 billion.

Main cost drivers:

  • Investment and loan repayments for water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades

  • Rising waste disposal costs (higher fuel costs, landfill charges, waste minimisation levy and ETS methane tax)

  • General inflation

63% of total expenditure over the next ten years is just on the three core services of Roading (24%), Water (21%) and Waste Services (18%). Roading is the Council’s largest annual operating expense. Over the next ten years Council has budgeted $167 million for the Roading Activity.

Annual Debt repayments increased from $1.2 million to $3 million.

Complete water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades at: Eltham ($3.3 million), Opunake ($2.29 million), Waimate West ($16 million) and Rahotu ($2.28 million) water treatment plants, Patea reticulation ($500,000), Hawera western main sewer line ($3 million) and district wastewater pond de-sludging ($4 million).

Pensioner housing upgrades ($1.1 million) with proposal to sell Sherwood Units in Patea.

Hawera Holiday Park redevelopment reduced from $1.6 million to $450,000.

Kaponga swimming pool upgrade ($505,000)

Prepatory work on Regional Landfill at Eltham ($310,000)

Key Dates:

Public Consultation starts Thursday 12 April 2012

Public Consultation ends Monday 14 May 2012

Council hears public submissions on Monday 21 May 2012

Council considers all submissions Wednesday 30 May 2012

Council Adopts 2012 – 2022 Long Term Plan 29 June 2012