Dog Registrations

Under the Dog Control Act 1996, all dogs in New Zealand must be registered once they reach three months of age (that’s only 12 weeks). 

Dog registrations are due on 1 July of each year and cover the 12 month period to 30 June of the following year.

The fees need to be paid during the month of July to avoid the 50% penalty which is added on 1 August. Renewal notices are mailed early in June to give owners plenty of warning. Registrations can be paid at the Hawera Administration building or any LibraryPlus, in person, by internet banking, or in instalments as automatic payments direct from the owners bank.

When registering a dog for the first time an owner needs to provide their:

  • full name
  • address (postal and physical)
  • phone numbers
  • date of birth

This is a legal requirement and is also a very good way of ensuring you are not confused with someone else with the same name. In addition to your own information, you must supply all of your dogs details:

  • name
  • breed (sorry “mongrel” is not a recognised breed)
  • colour
  • sex
  • whether the dog is desexed or not
  • age
  • microchip number (if it already has one).


All of the information on your registration form is completely confidential, and may not be given out to anyone else.

If you are renewing your dogs registration you only need to check that the information we have on record is correct.


See the current registration fees here

Registration fees are due on 1st July.

The only dogs exempt from registration fees are Seeing, Hearing and Companion dogs and once we have been provided with confirmation from the training organisations for these animals, the owners will automatically receive a free tag each year.

Owners with queries about registration or anything else to do with dogs are most welcome to contact Animal Control officers on 0800 111 323 for advice at any time.