What's in the Pound

The district pound is located on Beach Road in Hawera (off Fairfield Road) and is open to the public between 1 - 2pm on weekdays (excluding Tuesdays). Impounded dogs are not able to be released on weekends or public holidays when the pound is closed. The SPCA facilities are located next to the pound.

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Animals available for adoption...

If you are interested in adopting an animal from the Pound, contact Regulatory Services on 0800 111 323 or email regservices@stdc.govt.nz. You can also 'like' our Facebook page to be kept up-to-date with new arrivals.


Adopt-a-pet scheme








This is a scheme the South Taranaki District Council runs in conjunction with the district pound to help with the rehousing of pets.

Prospective owners are encouraged to email regservices@stdc.govt.nz and give their details and the type of pet (dog, pig, goat etc) they would like to own. Each time an animal comes into the pound, the list is checked and prospective owners are called. Putting your name on the list does not mean you have an obligation to house the animal - just arrange a time with Regulatory Services staff  to come and meet your potential new pet.