Applying for a Building Consent

Click here to Apply for a Building Consent

Details of the plans, specifications and other documents required to accompany a building consent application are set out in the Application Form and the Application Guide.

National Multi-Use Approval (Multi-Proof) applications must also include:

  • A copy of the MultiProof certificate
  • A complete copy of the plans and specifications to which the approval relates (these must bear the MBIE’s approval mark and must include any relevant approved customisations)
  • Statement declaration that the design for which the consent is sought complies with the approval issued by MBIE and meets all the conditions of the MultiProof Certificate for the proposed site

Please make sure your application form is completed fully and signed or it will be declined.

We recommend that you engage professionals to help with the design work, drawings, specifications and documentation. You can nominate an agent, such as a builder or an architect, to act on your behalf.

The completed application from and accompanying documentation can be submitted electronically to or lodged at the Hawera Administration Building or any LibraryPlus in the district.