Building Inspections

Inspections are usually undertaken by a Building Control Officer, but sometimes an engineer is required to undertake an inspection when the work is specialized in nature.

Types of Inspection

Progress inspection       

A progress inspection is carried out to determine what stage the building work is at once the 24 month period is up.

Final Inspection                              

An inspection to confirm the work has been completed in accordance with the red stamped approved plans and the New Zealand Building Code, to enable a code Compliance Certificate to be issued. Information such as electrical and gas certificates, and producer statements for construction review (where applicable) is also required to be provided at the time of the inspection.

To book your inspections phone the Council on (06) 278 0555 or toll free 0800 111 323 and we will try to book it for you the next working day.

The inspections that are required for your project are indentified in your building consent.

Inspections which may be required, and the building elements that may be inspected, include:


A surveyor’s report or visable boundary markers provided, so that the set out of the project can be clearly identified


Bearing capacity, depth and diameter, height pegs, steel placement, tying and laps.


Prior to pouring any concrete, correct block size, motar thickness, steel placement, clean outs, ties and vent placement

Pre Concrete Slab Plumbing      

Waste pipe sizes and falls, venting, length of runs, sleeve protection for wastes and water pipes. If installing to AS/NZS 3500, a per cover water test id required

Pre Concrete Slab Building         

Fill compaction, correct placement, thickness and sealing of damp proof membrane, starter lengths into concrete slab, supplementary bar placement, correct mesh size, elevation and placement, location of construction and expansion joints.

Sub Floor Plumbing       

Waste pipe sizes and falls, venting, valving, pipe and drainage support. If installing to AS/NZS 3500, a water test is required.

Sub Floor Fixings           

All fixings installed to comply with NZS 3604 1999 Section 4 Durability

Per Wrap Building          

Wind strap placement and fixings, proprietary bracing fixtures

Proprietary Flashing Installation             

Correct placement of proprietary flashing systems in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications and Clause E2 of the Building Code (External Moisture).

Full Preline Building/Plumbing

Moisture content, proprietary bracing features, truss and plate fixtures, timber treatment, plumbing pipe out and correct installation and R values for insulation.

Preline (Bracing only)                   

Timber moisture content and treatment level, proprietary brace systems, ceiling batten spacing and fixings, trusses, purlins and plate fixings.

Preline (Plumbing only)                              

Pipe out pressure check, fixings, installation of pipe runs and movement stabilisation. Compliance of plumbing material being used.

Preline (Insulation only)             

Prior to installing internal ceilings and linings, correct insullation, type and R values of insulation.

Post Lining Brace Fixings             

Compliance of the fixings with the manufacturer’s specifications

Exterior Cavity Installation         

Timber treatment, batten placement and fixings, base venting of cavity and vermin proofing.

Exterior Claddings                          

Product type, treatment and fixings in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications

Brick Veneer                     

Sealing of the rebate, brick tie locations and fixings, installation andlocation of venting and weep holes.

Exterior Plaster and Coating Systems    

Surface inspection prior to each application/coating


Prior to covering, bedding materials used, water test, falls, location of terminal vents, depth, boundary rodding eye, inspection caps

Septic tanks      

Prior to covering, location of tank, type, size, installation depth and filter installation

Effluent Field/Drain      

Length, width, bedding material, correct installation of weed mat and correct installation in accordance with the red stamped approved plan

Fire Wall Linings             

Correct material, thickness ratings as per the fire design schedule, correct fixing and sealing

Domestic Sprinkler System        

(Installed to NZS 4517) Prior to the installation of ceiling linings, water pressure test, valving and backflow prevention installation.

Smoke Alarms  

Installation of approved smoke detection unit in the correct location and in working order

Pre Inbuilt fire installation         

Prior to installing the new fire, structural integrity of the chimney

Gib Fire Wall Linings     

Correct material thickness, fire rating as per the fire design schedule, correct fixing and sealing


Section left in a clean and tidy state, water and sewer laterals capped at boundary

Septic Tank removal      

Tank emptied and disposed of in a sanitary manner and backfilled with an a