Building Inspections

How building work is inspected

The building inspection process verifies that construction is performed according to the consented documents. The grant of a consent is conditional on enabling the building work to be inspected and ensuring inspectors have access to the site when required

Inspections are usually undertaken by a Building Control Officer, but sometimes an engineer is required to undertake an inspection when the work is specialized in nature.

The inspections that are required for your project are identified in your building consent.

Inspections which may be required include, but are not limited to:

  • Footing / Foundation / Slab
  • Masonry Blockwork
  • Pre-Slab Building/Plumbing
  • Pre-Flooring (Sub-Floor)
  • Pre-Wrap (Framing/Fixings)
  • Cavity Battens (Flashings)
  • Pre-Line Building/Plumbing
  • Post Line Brace Fixings
  • Exterior Claddings
  • Brick Veneer
  • Drainage
  • External Membrane System
  • Tiled Shower Membrane
  • Fire Wall Linings
  • Solid Fuel Appliance Pre-Line (Inbuilt)
  • Solid Fuel Appliance Final (Inbuilt)
  • Solid Fuel Appliance Pre-Line / Final (Insert or Freestanding)
  • Final Inspection

To book your inspections phone the Council on (06) 278 0555 or toll free 0800 111 323 and we will try to book it for you the next working day.

Specialist inspections are booked directly with the required specialist by the owner, builder or agent.

Please ensure the approved plans and documents are on site at the time of inspection. If these are not available when the inspector arrives, the inspection may not take place and you may be charged extra for a re-inspection.

The owner, builder or agent should be on site for all inspections.

The Building Control Officer will advise the person on site whether the work has passed or failed the inspection. A site notice will be issued detailing the approved work as well as any failed items. These items should be remedied prior to the subsequent inspection.

In some cases a Notice to Fix may be issued as a formal notification that certain works have not been carried out in accordance with the building consent or the Building Code. If a Notice to Fix is issued, you are required to address the issue identified within a prescribed timeframe to prevent further action, including enforcement, being taken.

All building consents require a Final Inspection to confirm that the work carried out is in accordance with the approved plans.

The building work approved in the building consent should be completed within two years of the date on which the building consent was issued. If the work is not going to be completed within two years, it is recommended that you advise the Council and request an extension of time.