Code Compliance Certificate

How building work is certified

When the building work is complete and the final inspection is passed, an application for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) must be completed and forwarded to the Council. Any outstanding building consent fees and/or levies must be paid in full at this time also. The application form is included in your Building Consent pack. If you have lost or misplaced it please contact the building team for a replacement form.

A CCC is a proof of verification from Council that all work undertaken has been completed in accordance with the stamped approved documents issued with the building consent, and in compliance with the Building Code.

The Council has 20 working days from the date of application for a CCC to decide whether or not to issue the certificate. If we have to request for more information in regard to the application for a CCC, the clock will be paused until we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building work complies with the building consent, all required documents are received and all outstanding fees are paid in full.

If no application for a CCC is received within two years of granting a building consent, we may refuse to issue a CCC unless the owner has agreed to an extension with us.

Public access while building or altering a building

If the public uses all or part of your building, and you want them to access it before your building work has been signed off as complete, you can apply for a Certificate for Public Use. Your application will need to show that all or part of the building (whatever you are applying for) can be used safely by members of the public.

You can only apply for a Certificate for Public Use if a building consent has been granted but the CCC has not been issued. You will still need to apply for a CCC once the building work has been completed.

Click here to apply for a Certificate of Public Use. An inspection may also be required.