Compliance Schedules and Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)

If you own a building that contains specified systems* the Building Act requires you to have a Compliance Schedule.  Building owners must ensure the effective operation of all the specified systems for the life of the building.

*Specified System: Systems or features that contribute to the proper functioning of a building like lifts, and fire alarms.

Compliance Schedule

A Compliance Schedule is a document issued by the Council for buildings containing specified systems.

The compliance schedule:

- states and describes the specified systems for the building

- lists the performance standards

- includes the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures needed to keep the systems or features in good working order

When a Compliance Schedule is required for a new building or you are introducing a specified system into an existing building, you will need to provide details of the systems or features in an application for a building consent.  You will be required to supply specific details of equipment location and details of proposed testing and maintenance procedures.

Once all system details have been confirmed, your Compliance Schedule will be created and issued with the Code Compliance Certificate for the completed work.

For all new (not amended) Compliance Schedules, the Council will issue a Compliance Schedule Statement which provides details about the:

- building

- use of the building

- owner

- contact person

- compliance schedule location

- systems or features covered by the Compliance Schedule

To apply for a new Compliance schedule or to amend an existing Compliance Schedule click here.

Building Warrant of Fitness

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is a declaration by the building owner (or the building owner’s agent) that all the specified systems in the building have been inspected, maintained and reported in accordance with the Compliance Schedule for a period of 12 months prior to the issue date.

The BWoF must be prepared in accordance with the prescribed form (Form12) in the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004.

In your first year you must:

Display the Compliance Schedule statement publicly so that the building users can easily read it

In subsequent years:

Every year on or before the date of issue of the Compliance Schedule the building owner must:

- Issue a BWoF – to do this the owner must first make sure that all requirements of the Compliance Schedule have been satisfied.  This will include inspections by an Independently Qualified Person (IQP) for each of the system’s features

- Display the BWoF publicly so that building users can easily read it

- Send a copy of the BWoF, all associated IQP certificates required by the compliance schedule and any associated fees and charges to the Territorial Authority - the South Taranaki District Council

Inspections by the owner:

As well as inspections by an IQP the owner must undertake regular inspections as stated in the Compliance Schedule.

Documentation for audit:

The following must be available for inspection by any person with the right to inspect the building under any Act:

- Form 12 (Building Warrant of Fitness)

- IQP Certificates (Form 12A)

- The Compliance Schedule

- Inspection notes and reports by independent qualified persons

- Inspection notes and reports by owner

- The specified systems in the building

For more information on Building Warrants of Fitness and Compliance Schedules, please visit the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website by clicking here.

Independently Qualified Person (IQP)

Click here to Register as an IQP