Getting a PIM

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a report from Council, which may be requested as part of the Building Consent process under the Building Act 2004.

A PIM is a report about a specific building proposal on a specific site, providing information about land and about the requirements of other Acts that might be relevant to the proposed building work.

A PIM will either confirm that building work may be done (subject to the requirements of the building consent and other necessary authorizations) or notify you that the building work may not be undertaken.

A PIM provides:

  • Heritage status and special features such as natural hazards;
  • Details of water, stormwater or wastewater utility systems which relate to your proposed building work or to your building site;
  • Network utility information such as vehicle access;
  • Applications/approvals that you may need before you can start the construction process, occupy the building or start commercial operation;
  • A certificate detailing Resource Management Act requirements.

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