Getting a PIM

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a Council report, which may be requested as part of the Building Consent process under the Building Act 2004.

A PIM is a report about a specific building proposal on a specific site, providing information about land and about the requirements of other Acts that might be relevant to the proposed building work.

A PIM will provide either:

Confirmation that building work may be done, subject to the requirements of the building consent and other necessary authorizations; or

Notification that other authorizations or information is required before gaining building consent approval.

A PIM provides:

  • Heritage status and special features such as natural hazards

  • Details of water, stormwater or wastewater utility systems which relate to your proposed building work or to your building site

  • Network utility information such as vehicle access

  • Applications/approvals that you may need before you can start the construction process, occupy the building or start commercial operation

  • A certificate detailing Resource Management Act requirements (where applicable)