Pre Election Report 2019

The purpose of the Pre-Election Report* is to provide information which promotes public discussion about the issues facing the South Taranaki District Council and to enable a better-informed election debate.

This Pre-Election Report comprises information that is sourced from existing Council documents including our Financial and Infrastructure Strategies, the Long Term Plan 2018-28, our Annual Plan 2019 - 20 and Annual Reports. It is broken into four sections:

  • Key Issues Facing Council
  • Significant Projects
  • Council Finances
  • Public Satisfaction Survey

The Key Issues Facing Council section outlines what we see as some of the main challenges facing our district over the medium to long term, including the rationale behind our approach to debt and investments.

This is followed by a section outlining some of the Significant Projects that Council is already committed to and is undertaking.

The Council Finances section provides audited financial results for the years ending 30 June 2017 and 30 June 2018, and forecast figures for the year ending 30 June 2019. The summaries also include the budgeted figures recently approved for the current year (ending 30 June 2020) and the budget projections for the following three years ending 30 June 2021, 2022 and 2023. The seven years of financial data will provide readers with a good understanding of the district’s finances, which I’m pleased to report, are very sound.

The final section summarises some of the key findings from Council’s annual Public Satisfaction Survey for the last two years.

Whether you are a prospective candidate, a citizen of South Taranaki or an interested observer, I’m sure you’ll find the information contained in this Pre-Election Report useful.

*In 2010 the Local Government Act was amended to introduce a requirement for the Chief Executive of each Council to prepare a Pre-Election Report containing information for the community and prospective candidates

Download the Pre Election Report here.