Fundraising for Food

Thinking of Selling Food as a Fundraiser?

Everyone needs to eat and enjoy eating food, BUT no-one ever wants to get sick from it. This pamphlet offers common sense advice to food stall holders and fundraisers about food hygiene and food handling.

Charitable organisations and fundraising groups are not required to pay a fee when running a food stall. However, an application must be lodged with the Council, and the organisation may be contacted by Council’s Environmental Health Officer.

Basic rules for food stalls are as follows.


Perishable foods must be kept chilled at all times. Keep food in a refrigerator or chilly bins filled with ice.

The selling of home-killed meats is prohibited and illegal.

Use artificial cream in cakes as it is less likely to go off as quickly as fresh cream.

Bread for sausage sizzles should be buttered in a clean kitchen rather than at the site.

Ensure all food for sale is covered and protected from contamination, ie, dust, flies, etc. Cakes, biscuits, etc, on cake stalls should be wrapped in cling film.

On site, food preparation should be restricted to barbecuing, boiling water for sweet corn, and deep fat frying. Food should be served directly from the cooking source, ie, hot plate, or from a working pie warmer or similar hot food source.


No smoking should occur around the food stall.

Food is to be served as hygienically and safely as possible, ie, use tongs, servers, etc.

Wounds, sores, etc, should be well covered with waterproof bandages.

Wear light colour aprons and have hair tied back.

Do not sneeze or cough over food.

Wash hands and utensils frequently.

Gloves should be used if carrying out one job, ie, cooking food or wrapping food. They are not suitable if carrying out multiple tasks as they get dirty just like hands. Gloves should also be used to cover wounds on hands.


For stalls with active food handing, ie, sausage sizzles, provision must be made for washing hands. Equipment needed:

  •  Bowls
  • 20 litres of water
  • Waste water container
  • Soap
  • Nail brush
  • Disposable paper towels
  • An additional bowl/tub

A tarpaulin or ground cover must be used to protect the ground from spills of food, etc, and the splatter of fat.

All litter generated on the site must be removed.

Food must be stored 750 mm above the ground on tables, for example, out of reach of children, dogs, etc.

Site your stall so you do not inhibit pedestrian access and consult shopkeepers if the stall is set up in front of their premises.

All stalls in the Hawera Town Square/Central Business District need permission from the Environmental Health Officer, phone (06) 278 0555.

An application form must be filled out and a permit issued for the food stall. This must be completed ten working days before the day required.

For More Information

The Council has booklets and videos available at no cost for anyone requiring more information on food hygiene.

To obtain this information, contact the Environmental Health Officer at the South Taranaki District Council.

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