Food Licensing


The Council aims to promote food safety and environmental health in South Taranaki.

Environmental Health Team

The Council's Environmental Health Officer performs routine inspections throughout the district. The EHO also investigates public complaints and provides information on a variety of public health issues.

Inspecting Public Premises

Food premises must comply with food safety regulations.

There are over 160 food premises in the South Taranaki Disttict and over 20 hairdressing premises.

How to Improve Food Safety

When grading a food outlet, Health Officers consider the type of product, the size of the establishment and the operational systems in place. To improve their grading, operators can:

  • provide a suitable cleaning programme
  • measure and record temperatures of display units, fridges and freezers and incoming stock
  • train at least half their staff in food safety
  • ensure all food is protected properly with perishable items kept either below 4°C or above 60°C.


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