Manaia Heritage

World War1 Memorial Band Rotunda

The band rotunda is one of the first major landmarks you'll see in Manaia. The rotunda was built as a memorial to those who fell in the Great War. Since then, the rotunda has had particular significance to the people of Manaia. The local brass band performed at the rotunda Friday night until the early 1950s, and in the early days it was a common sight to see cows congregated at the rotunda before afternoon milking. Today, the rotunda is still an important meeting place for important events like the ANZAC Day Dawn Parade.

The two memorial obelisks in Manaia are made of Scottish granite on reinforced concrete. They were also constructed as memorials to local men who fought and died in wars. The Constabulary monument, which now faces the town of Opunake, was constructed in 1890. The second obelisk, which now faces the town of Hawera, was erected in 1921 in memory of those who died World War I.

The current Manaia Redoubt was built in 1912 as a memorial and to replace the original wooden redoubt building. The blockhouses you can see today are the original buildings. They were built in about 1880. The redoubt and the blockhouses are now surrounded by the picturesque 18-hole Manaia Golf Course

The Patterson Memorial and Centennial Baths were built in 1940. They marked New Zealand's centennial as a British colony. The original entrance was reached by steps from the pavement at the juncture of the two roadside concrete walls.

Manaia Heritage Inventory

Click here to access the Manaia Heritage Inventory. This file offers a detailed inventory of heritage sites in Manaia for people who would like more information regarding this important historic town.

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