Liquor Bans - regulations and areas

Where are South Taranaki's liquor ban areas?

South Taranaki has a number of locations throughout the District with either permanent or temporary bans on having, drinking or possessing alcohol. See the links below to see where the liquor ban areas are in South Taranaki:

Hawera - King Edward Park

Hawera - CBD

Hawera - North

Hawera - South


Eltham - North

Eltham - South

Manaia - over Christmas and New Year period


Patea - North

Patea - South

Why does South Taranaki have liquor bans?

We have adopted liquor bans in parts of South Taranaki to address community concerns regarding the harmful and negative effects associated with drinking alcohol in public places. The negative effects on our community include offensive, disorderly behaviour, drunkenness and violence.

Are there any exceptions to liquor bans?

Liquor bans do not affect the ability of people to transport liquor to or from private premises (including business premises) within or adjoining a liquor ban area. This allows for:

  • Businesses to receive stock
  • BYO patrons to take liquor to a restaurant
  • Residents and their visitors to transport liquor to and from their residences.

Council may grant dispensation to allow liquor at special events held within a liquor ban area. If you would like us to consider a dispensation to allow liquor at a special event please contact the District Licensing Agency.