District Licensing Committee

The District Licensing Committee is made up of;

Chairperson                     Ian Wards
Deputy Chairperson        Kirsty Bourke
List member                     Steffy MacKay


DLC Decisions

Decision 117 - Waverley Liquormart Limited 21.07.2016

Decision 222 - Stacey Hauwhenua Laison 23.12.2016

Decision 223 - Pangotra Holdings 23.12.2016

Decision 224 - Club Hotel Limited 23.12.2016

Decision 225 - Club Hotel Limited 23.12.2016


Alcohol Licences Approved

On/Off/Club Licences (December 2017)

Premises NameApplicantApplication TypeDLC DecisionLicence TypeDecision Number
Morriesons Café3 Brothers Hospitality LimitedOn LicenceApprovedNew229/2017
Black Bull Liquor ElthamSurinder Holdings LimitedOff LicenceApprovedRenewal230/2017
Club HotelThe Palms Hotels LimitedOff LicenceApprovedNew235/2017
Club HotelThe Palms Hotels LimitedOn LicenceApprovedNew236/2017
Patea Four SquareShrihari Kishan LimitedOff LicenceApprovedRenewal238/2017
Sai Wholesale LiquorShree Sai Holdings (Levin) LimitedOff LicenceApprovedRenewal 240/2017
Coronation HotelSurinder Holdings LimitedOn LicenceApprovedRenewal250/2017

Managers Licences (December 2017)  

ApplicantApplication TypeDLC DecisionDecision Number
Neeanna Tarati RatahiRenewalApproved231/2017
Dayna Regin Caress Te MoniRenewalApproved232/2017
Kahla Maree Te AniniNewApproved234/2017
Rahul TyagiNewApproved239/2017
Rachael Elizabeth ReaderNewApproved243/2017
Jessica Leigh BuckthoughtNewApproved244/2017
Caroline Jill KerstenRenewalApproved245/2017
Rebecca GrantNewApproved246/2017
Belinda PhilpRenewalApproved247/2017
Eleanor Hihipera GardinerNewApproved248/2017
Graeme HalatauNewApproved249/2017

Special Licences (December 2017)

Premises NameApplicantApplication TypeDLC DecisionDecision Number
Hawera Cinema 2Hawera Cinema 2Special LicenceApproved233/2017
Coast Riders Motorcycle Enthusiasts ClubCoast Riders Motorcycle Enthusiasts ClubSpecial LicenceApproved237/2017
Dale Street, AltonAlton and Districts PlaygroupSpecial LicenceApproved241/2017
Egmont A&P ShowgroundsTaranaki Equestrian JumpingSpecial LicenceApproved251/2017