Noise Complaints


Excessive noise is any noise under human control that unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort and convenience of other people. If you want to make a noise complaint please contact the South Taranaki District Council on 0800 111 323 (24hours)

Deciding whether noise is excessive is up to the judgement of the Noise Control Officer.

What is "excessive" can change depending on the time of day and other circumstances. For example, mowing the lawns at 3pm, but not at midnight. Some noises can be excessive at any time of the day.

Noise may be excessive for a number of reasons. For example:

•             A noise stops someone going to sleep or wakes them up at night

•             During the daytime, a noise is seriously intrusive to work and concentration

•             A noise prevents normal conversation in a neighbouring property

•             A noise requires radio or television to be turned up significantly in order to be heard.


On-going problems with neighbour's noise

It is important to advise the Council at the time the noise is happening so that it can be assessed by the Noise Control Officer and appropriate action taken. Action may include issuing an Excessive Noise Direction or an Abatement Notice or seizure of the offending equipment.

What is an Excessive Noise Direction?

An Excessive Noise Direction (END) is a notice served by a Noise Control Officer if upon investigation of a complaint, confirms that the noise is excessive.

The noise must be immediately reduced to a reasonable level. The END is in place for 72 hours. If the Council receives more justified complaints of excessive noise within 72 hours, the Noise Control Officer and the Police will seize the noise-offending equipment. Additionally, the person receiving the END may be liable for a fine of $500.

Properties issued with a number of Excessive Noise Direction notices will be monitored by the Council and possibly receive an abatement notice.

What is an Abatement Notice?

Where an Abatement Notice is in force, noise-making equipment in the house may be seized without the need for an Excessive Noise Direction to be served and may be liable for a fine of $750. Generally an abatement notice will be issued for 90 days requiring you to keep noise to a reasonable level this period may be increased for each subsequent abatement notice.