RAPID Numbers

RAPID numbers

The RAPID number system gives properties a unique number based on their distance along a road from its starting point or intersection with another road and can be identified as white or silver numbers on a dark blue post.

Issuing RAPID numbers is coordinated through the STDC. Please contact the Council for any concerns related to RAPID numbers or fill out this form if you require one.

Please note: There is no charge to have a RAPID number installed at a new residential property. However there is a fee to have posts and numbers replaced, or to be installed for any non-residential purpose.

The fee is considerably reduced if you install the posts yourselves. Please ring us on 0800 111 323 to find out what the fees are.

Rural Properties urged to check RAPID Numbers

The South Taranaki District Council is urging rural residents to check their RAPID numbers so it’s easier for emergency services to find them.

The call comes after an Annual Plan consultation meeting in Manaia where members of the public told the Council of an incident where the ambulance took an extra 30 minutes to locate a property because the RAPID (Rural Address Property Identification) number was missing.

Rural residents should check their RAPID numbers  to make sure that numbers aren’t missing or they can be clearly seen and to contact the Council if they need replacing.