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Electronic Rates Invoices

Would you like to receive your rates invoices by email? If so please email with your details, including your property number.

Your Rates

There are four parts to your rates, although not all ratepayers pay all of these (for example the Targeted Rates apply mainly to urban ratepayers), so most ratepayers are affected differently.

The General Rate - this is calculated using the capital value of your property.

The Roading Rate - this is also calculated using the capital value of your property and funds the maintenance of our roading network. Central government also helps fund this activity by providing a subsidy on most roading works.

The Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) -a set minimum fee all ratepayers pay (on each separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit)

Targeted Rates - exist for Council water supplies, wastewater disposal, kerbside rubbish and recycling collection. Only ratepayers who have the opportunity to use these services pay the targeted rates.
Hawera businesses also pay the Hawera Business Targeted Rate which funds the Hawera Business Association (Bizlink Hawera) the Bizlink Coordinator and associated projects.

What Do My Rates Contribute Towards

The following list shows just some of the services and activities our Council provides:

Recreation and Leisure - 7 Campgrounds, 7 Swimming Pools, 9 Urban Halls plus financial support to 30 Rural Halls, the TSB Hub, financial support to Cinema 2, the Sandfords Event Centre and the Opunake Community Baths, 31 Playgrounds and 700 hectares of parks/reserves , 38 Public Toilets
Culture and Heritage Services – 7 Libraries, 10 Cemeteries, and partnership with the District Museum – Aotea Utanganui
Economic Development, Tourism and Events Services - including the i-SITE Information Centre
Emergency Management - Rural Fire team, Civil Defence
Solid Waste – Rubbish, Recycling and Greenwaste Collection, 7 Transfer Stations
8 Wastewater Plants and 156 km of pipes
Water - 642 km of pipes, 12 Water Treatment Facilities and 11 Reservoirs
75km of Stormwater pipes
74 Pensioner Housing units and nine Tenant Contribution units
Roading - 1,600 km of roads which we construct and maintain (81% sealed), 223 bridges, 2,400 streetlights and over 160km footpaths
Building and Planning Services - consents, inspections, monitoring
Liquor, Noise Control and Environmental Health Services
Animal Control Services
Democratic Services
- Council governance, Corporate functions, community grants, remissions

Comparison of Average Weekly Household Spending
When compared to what the average household spends per week, we believe the rates we pay for the services and facilities we receive represent very good value for money.

How are the rates calculated?

In South Taranaki the Council calculates your rates based on the Capital Value of your property. Following is a list of 2019 - 20 charges which may apply to your property.

Eltham A                                                           Based on land value                                   0.0001079

Eltham B                                                           Based on land value                                   0.0000702

Eltham C                                                           Based on land value                                   0.0000376

Uniform Annual General Charge                      Per rating unit                                                   605.39

General Rate                                                    Based on capital value                                0.0008503

Hawera Business Rate                                     Based on capital value                               0.0009154

Kerbside Rural                                                  Per rating unit                                                    264.50

Kerbside Urban                                                 Per rating unit                                                    264.50

Roading Rate                                                    Based on capital value                                0.0007129

Wastewater Connected                                     Per rating unit                                                    678.50

Water Connected                                              Per rating unit                                                     624.45