Resource Consents

What is a resource consent?

A resource consent is a written approval from council to use your land in a manner that does not comply with the rules of the District Plan, or is listed in the District Plan as an activity that requires a resource consent.

When is a resource consent required?

You will need a resource consent if your proposal is not in accordance with the District Plan. Some examples are:

  • Building in close proximity to property boundaries
  • Subdividing your property
  • Building on a coastal property
  • Relocating a building
  • Establishing a business in a residential zone.

If resource consent is required for your project, you cannot start any building work until it has been granted.

There are a few ways to find out if your specific activity requires a resource consent:

View the District Plan to find out for yourself  


Contact our Planning Team for help. 


Click here to upload an information pamphlet called 'Do You Require a Resource Consent?'.

Click here to upload an information document called 'A Beginners Guide to Resource Consent Process.'

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How do I apply for a resource consent?

You can apply for a Resource Consent online by clicking here or you can click here to upload a pdf and print it out. Or you can contact our Planning Team who will send you an Application Form. 

Fees and Charges

The Council does charge a fee for all reasonable and actual costs which it incurs in processing your application. Click here for more information related to specific fees.