Roads & transport

The Council considers the provision of an effective and efficient road and transport system is a key component of its goal of providing high quality living and productive environments.

Roading and transport provide people with access to employment, services, education, and recreation, as well as provide for the movement of goods to support a growing economy.

The roads, footpaths, street lighting, cycleways, signage and bridges are all key components of the road and transport system.

Reporting faults and safety issues

The Council's primary consideration for its roading network is to ensure it is safe to travel on. If you have any safety concerns about any part of the road network, please let us know. Your concerns may be related to:

  • A physical fault such as potholes, slips, rubbish on the road, damage to signs or rails, overflowing rubbish bins or streetlights not working
  • Poor visibility, unsigned sudden sharp curves, the way a contractor is operating, livestock on the road, slippery road surface or other potential hazard

If you have seen any of these or other issues, then we want to know about it. Please report the fault to us by phoning Customer Services Centre on 0800 111 323.

State Highway Concerns

Please note that the Council is not responsible for State Highways that run through our District. If you have any concerns relating to the State Highway, please contact the New Zealand Transport Agency directly .