Annual Roading Programme

Roading networks are critical to supporting and developing our economy where the major economic drivers of dairy, forestry, agriculture and tourism are so reliant on efficient and safe transport systems.

Every year Council undertakes an annual programme of improvements to be spent on the district's roads, bridges, streetlights and footpaths.

Please note that the programme is a tentative programme only and may change without notice.

Restoration of Sealed Roads

Restoration of sealed roads (technically Pavement Rehabilitation work) is done to improve the strength of the road and return it to an ‘as new’ condition. Pavement restoration work involves full width repairs of existing roads. This will include some smoothing, widening and strengthening of layers to address large maintenance issues and to meet predicted future travel demand. Drainage and minor safety issues will be addressed at the same time. The work programme is generally undertaken from late October to early April.

In the 2017/18 financial year Council plans to upgrade the following sites for an estimated cost of $2.6 Million:

Road NameLength (m)Location Description
MID PARIHAKA ROAD15303km from SH 45 heading towards Wiremu Road
LOWER NEWALL ROAD2220From Kekeua Road towards Warea Road
WATINO ROAD900Starting at SH 45
MID ARAWHATA ROAD6051.5km from SH 45 towards Wiremu Road
ROWAN ROAD930From Skeet Road towards Eltham Road
SKEET ROAD1841Between Rama and Glenn Roads
TEMPSKY ROAD999After Katotauru Road, ending at Palmer Road

Resealing of Sealed Roads

The seal on a road is like paint on your house - it keeps water out of the structure underneath. Like paint, the seal breaks down over time and starts to let water in. Once the seal begins to break down motorists can lose skid resistance and road failures will start to quickly appear.

The ideal time to reseal is just before any damage occurs, so your road may still look in good condition when we complete the reseal. Roads generally are resurfaced with a chip seal, except where the traffic volumes or road conditions justify additional expenditure. Sealing is generally undertaken from November to the end of March. Second coat seals are also undertaken on new roads within 24 months of the initial first coat seal being undertaken.

Council aims to complete about 630,000 sqm of resealing in any one year and includes both chip seals and asphalt concrete. This means on average every road in the district is resealed every 13 years.

The chip seal process:
• Minor repairs are carried out before resealing.
• The contractor will contact residents in the street about a week before sealing work begins.
• Hot bitumen is sprayed and stone sealing chips are spread and rolled in.
• Traffic is then allowed on the road to bed the new seal.
• Excess sealing chips are swept away and road marking is reinstated within 48 hours. Temporary traffic management will be removed at this time.
• As many as three additional sweeps of loose chip may follow in the next six months.

In the 2017/18 financial year Council plans to reseal the sites linked below for an estimated cost of $2.2 Million

Note: Council has no current plans to extend the sealed road network.

Road IDRoad NameStart MetresEnd MetresStart Location (approx)End Location (approx)
1Aorere Road0174Rawhitiroa RoadEnd of Road
4Cornwall Street - Patea18515Bedford StreetDurham Street
7Edinburgh Street0139Gloucester StreetEnd of Street
8Geary Road13682203300m past Manutahi RoadLower Taumaha Road
9Grey Street - Patea095Victoria StreetAlbany Street
10Hurley-Ball Road01710Ball RoadEnd of Seal
12AJoll Road - North0635Ball RoadEnd of Road
13Karahaki Road212173Kohi Road1km past Walker Road
15AKohi Road50605600600m South of Hughs RoadHughs Road
16ALower Ball Road123122421.2km from SHEnd of Seal
17Lower Kaharoa Road211335SH 3Rakaupiko Road
18Lupton Street15354SH 3End of Road
19AMakowhai Road281205Matangarara RoadEnd of Road
20Manawapou Road33114403Whareroa Road0.5km past Rifle Range Rd
22Matuku Road157023841.5km past Kaharoa RoadEnd of Seal
23AMeremere Road110225731.1km past Whakamara RoadLysaght Road
24Monk Road201593Okotuku RoadMangatangi Road
25Muggeridge Road161150SH 3Taumaha Road
26ANgaronga Road592800Butler StreetEgmont Street
29Omahina Road340036001.2km before Barrow Road1km before Barrow Rd
30Opaku Road0251Kaharoa RoadEnd of Seal
31Pariroa Road0992Wilson RoadEnd of Seal
32Pembroke Street0289Hadfield StreetVictoria Street
33Rakaupiko Road10636SH 30.6km from SH 3
34Rawhitiroa Road2034022247Patea River Bridge0.5km before Glen Nui Rd
35ARutland Street0110Egmont StreetMiddlesex Street
36Stafford Street173530Dorset StreetCornwell Street
41ATihi Road - West152447Meremere RoadEnd of Road
42Upper Ball Road85569683100m before Petch RoadHurley Road
44AUpper Taumaha Road8801731Manutahi Station Road1km before Hursthouse Rd
45AWaitotara Valley Road146023691km before Parekama RoadParekama Road
46Waitotara Valley Road10855119911.5km before Makokako Bridge0.3km before Makokako
48AWybourne Road - Patea18389Rangikura RoadEnd of Road
49Ararata Road141191Ohangai Road1.2km north of Ohangai Rd
50Elizabeth Street (Patea)0234Hadfield StreetEnd of Road
52Meremere Road754397721.5km past Tihi RoadRimutoto Road
53Norfolk Street415639Kent StreetYork Street
55aWhakatau Rd01475Fraser StreetEnd of Seal
60Rakaupiko Road35803815300m before end of sealEnd of Seal
11-ZDerby Street0152Chester StreetVictoria Street
9aHoroi Road21861Western End at Rawhitiroa Road800m from Western End
of Rawhitiroa Road
27Rawhitiroa Road10639119102km past Hu Road300m from Aorere Road
28Surrey Street0132Victoria StreetArgyle Street
35-ZWaiinu Beach Road6252050600m from town limit700m before Hawken Rd
56-ZGlouchester St4244Egmont StreetEnd of Road
59aPilot Station Rd171280Rakaupiko RoadEnd of Road
179Ahipaipa Road76409733Scott StreetSH 45
569Burns Street145306Tannahill StreetTawhiti Road
522Conway SH3-Ladies Mile3571156Castle StreetLadies Mile Eastern End
523Conway SH3-Railway Street165663York StreetGlentworth Street
569Dalziell Road440849150.5km from SH 3 Northern EndSH 3 Northern End
606Edna Wills Place0116Maire StreetEnd of Road
100Eltham Road (Kaponga-Sh)2086621055100m before Mangawhero RoadAuroa Road
601Galt Street0161Tawhiti RoadTannahill Street
601Glasgow Street0408Tawhiti RoadEnd of Road
608Grey Street276476Albion StreetCollins Street
608High Street (Hawera)13611861Albion StreetGladstone Street
491Ihaia Road311644262km past Town Boundary3.5km past Town Boundary
491Komene Road01135SH 45End of Seal
22Longfellow Road514619Gisborne TerraceKing Street
168Lower Katene Road0641Mawhitiwhiti Road0.6km from Mawhitiwhiti Rd
42Lower Newall Road53346325Warea Road1km from Warea Road
121Manaia Road (Kaponga-Statford Bdy)1434716290Kaponga Town BoundaryStratford District Boundary
37Manihi Road257537801.2km from end of roadEnd of Road
546Mills Street0311Moir StreetKing Edward Street
767Normanby Road85449017Kokiri Road0.5km from Kokiri Road
245Palmer Road9282315Kokiri RoadSkeet Road
558Paora East Road01459Ketemarae RoadEnd of Road
65Rahotu Road133025451.3km from SH 45End of Road
67Riemenschneider Street8351093Tauranga A Ika StreetKaipi Street
462Rowan Road36395674Eltham town boundaryEltham Road
68Skeet Road01773Patiki RoadNopera Road
68Skeet Road1243714856Glenn Road950m past Rowan Road
208Skeet Road2119422050Duthie Road0.5km before Little
Tempsky Rd
166Stuart Road (South Eltham Road)116500100m from Eltham RoadRoad narrows
761Tannahill Street101220Burns StreetCampbell Street
179Te Roti Road22862660700m from SH 3300m from SH 3
35Tempsky Road03691Hastings RoadKatotauru Road
778Titahi Road0398Patiki RoadEnd of Road
99Upper Duthie Road01425Eltham Road1.4km from Eltham Road
22Upper Ihaia Road03629Wiremu RoadEnd of Seal
767Victoria Street (Kaponga)123460Fitzgerald AvenueEgmont Street
78Wataroa Road203438452km from SH 45End of Road
79Watino Road635167642km from Eltham Road1.5km from Eltham Road
80Watino Road732576731km from Eltham Road750m from Eltham Road
82Wiremu Road391568620.5km from Waiteika Road1.0km past Kaweora Road
88Wiremu Road886692220.6km past Ihaia RoadOpua Road
82Wiremu Road1072110870Arawhata Road150m from Arawhata Road
82Wiremu Road1398014592150m past Ngariki Road750m past Ngariki Road
577Wiremu Road15696162411.3km from Kahui Road820m from Kahui Road