What I CAN put in my recycling bin:

Basically most paper, cardboard, tin/aluminium, and plastic (numbers 1 - 7) can be recycled. If you are not sure check out this more specific list of what can go in the recycling bin:

  • paper (e.g. newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail)
  • telephone directories
  • clean pizza boxes
  • egg cartons
  • cardboard (unwaxed)
  • cereal boxes
  • food tins/cans (washed)
  • aluminium cans
  • aerosols
  • water/soft drink containers
  • plastic bottles
  • milk containers
  • any plastic containers with recycling logo 1 - 7

Remember to wash and squash!

Please rinse plastic bottles/cans/containers before putting in your recycle bin - triple rinse those that have had chemicals in them. All material must be placed inside the recycling bin. Recycling bins are collected once a week.

What I CANNOT put in my recycling bin:

Object Alternative
Food waste Into home compost or worm farm
Green waste Into home compost or use your 240L rubbish bin and utilise STDC's fortnightly green waste service for a small fee

If organic, this can be put into your green waste bin. If it has been treated in any way, it needs to go into general waste

Household waste General waste
Waxed Cartons (including milk cartons and yoghurt containers) General waste
Meat trays General waste
Garden hoses General waste
Glad wrap General waste
Rubber General waste
Used petrol and oil cans General waste
Disposable nappies General waste
Broken or window glass General waste
Crockery/ceramics General waste
Building materials General waste
Toys Take to a chairty or op shop
Clothing Clothing collections/clothing bin/op shop
Computers or cellphones Drop cellphones off at a Vodafone or Telecom store. Computers might be able to be taken back to the store where you bought them.
Electronic equipment   
Whiteware Transfer Stations - there is a charge
Electrical Wires Eltham Transfer Station
Paint or chemicals Hawera Transfer Station - free if in domestic quanities 10L or under (please ring Taranaki Regional Council on 765 7127)
Fluorescent tubes Hawera Transfer Station - there is a charge
Batteries Hawera Transfer Station - free. Car batteries can be taken to Repco or Super Cheap Auto


Free Recycling Facilities

Free recycling facilities, open 24 hours a day, are available at Opunake, Eltham, Manaia, Waitotara and Waverley  transfer stations.  Patea and Hawera Transfer Stations also have free recycling however these can only be accessed in working hours. Click here for Transfer Station open hours.

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