Vehicle Crossings

The  Council wants to make our roads a safe environment for all users, from cyclists and pedestrians to heavy vehicles.

Vehicle Crossings* need to be installed in a safe position leading on to the road with aspects such as visibility of oncoming traffic considered. Vehicle crossings also protect the community's assets — the roads, berms and drains.

* A vehicle crossing (entrance) is the link between a property and the road, usually across a berm and footpath.

Installing or Upgrading a Vehicle Crossing

Crossings are required to be upgraded or installed when:

  • Traffic flow from your property is generated by the building of a garage for a car; or
  • The building of a diary shed which will cause tanker movements on and off the property; or
  • Any other building work that will affect traffic flow; or
  • It is required as part of a Resource Consent.

When a building is constructed that will generate traffic flow on/off your property, Council staff will check whether the existing crossing needs to be upgraded to comply with the Council’s requirements or whether a new crossing needs to be built.

There are separate specifications for different types of crossings e.g. residential, farm, commercial. A list of specifications for each type of crossing is available from the Council’s Hawera Administration Building.


 Click here to see the current fee for the initial check and the subsequent checks during and after construction. The fee is payable on application to construct a vehicle crossing.


Property Owner’s Responsibilities

It is the property owner’s responsibility to have a vehicle crossing installed to the required specifications. Council officers will offer advice and supply the appropriate plans for the crossing to be built. There are many contractors in Taranaki who carry out this work if you do not wish to complete it yourself. During construction of the crossing, the owner is responsible for the erection and maintenance of warning signs and barricades as appropriate to protect the general public from harm. Alternatively, the Council can construct the vehicle crossing for you at a standard charge.

What You Need to Submit to the Council Before Constructing Your Crossing

  • A vehicle crossing application (click here to download the application form) - This is a contract between you and the Council that the crossing will be installed or upgraded to the Council's specifications.
  • A plan/sketch of where you intend to put the crossing.
  • Provide any additional information that pertains to the vehicle crossing. For example: Building or Resource Consent numbers.

What Council Will Do For You

  • Ensure the crossing is built correctly and to specification
  • Ensure the crossing is sited in a position that does not endanger lives, taking into account visibility and speed of traffic along the road.
  • Give advice on all aspects of your crossing.
  • Supply agreement forms, specifications and plans

 If you are in any doubt, we are happy to assist you in any way!