2014 Bylaw Review

Council has developed and reviewed the following bylaws and policies - and we want to know what you think of the proposed changes: (Click on the names below to read the documents)

Bylaws provide rules and regulations to make sure the Council protects the public from nuisances, maintains public health and safety and minimises offensive behaviour in public places. Policies contain information about how the Council operates on specific issues not covered within a Bylaw.
These Bylaws and Policies can impact on you (or your business) everyday, so it’s important to know what changes are being proposed so that you can have a say in shaping them. Over the next four Southlink issues we will feature a couple of the proposed bylaws and policies under review so that you can become more familiar with them and have a better idea how they may affect you.
You can make a submission between 4 September and 3 October 2014.
If you would like someone from Council to come and talk to a group that may be affected by a proposed bylaw and policy, or you simply want more information, please contact Adrienne on the number above.

For further information:

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Click here to read the full Schedules to the Bylaws

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