District Plan Survey

District Plan Survey


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What are the motivations for rural-residential living?

What are the general land characteristics desired by those seeking rural residential properties (lot size, location, rural or coastal outlook, proximity to services)? Why?

What are the values or expectations of people moving to these kinds of properties, choosing this specific lifestyle? (e.g. peace and quiet, open space, or a working rural environment?)

What do you think is more important in South Taranaki? Farming (and productive rural activities), or rural-residential subdivision, or are both equally important? Why?

To what extent should rural-residential subdivision be allowed to occur?


Are you aware of any issues or conflicts between rural-residential subdivision and productive land uses in South Taranaki? Please explain.

Do you think there is potential in South Taranaki for future subdivision to affect the effective functioning of primary production activities?

Do you think there is a significant issue in South Taranaki with the pressure for rural-residential subdivision where conflicts may arise?

How you would like to see the rural environment look in future?

If you would like to be kept informed on the District Plan Review process, and review and provide feedback on the draft rural subdivision provisions, please enter your contact details.