Draft Annual Plan 2019/20

Draft Annual Plan 2019/20

The South Taranaki District Council (STDC) is proposing a lower rate increase in its 2019/20 Annual Plan compared to what was initially projected in its 2018-28 Long Term Plan.

The Council, which approved its Annual Plan at Monday night’s (1 April) meeting, is proposing to reduce the total rate increase from 3.47% to 2.98%.

The effect on individual properties will vary due to the district wide property revaluation which took place in 2018, where commercial and residential properties saw a significant increase in value compared to rural properties which saw a more modest increase.

Because there are no significant changes between the proposed 2019/20 Annual Plan and the corresponding second year of the Long Term Plan, there is no requirement for undertaking formal public consultation. However, the Council has decided it would still like community feedback on the 2019/20 Annual Plan.

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You can send us your feedback before Friday 26 April, 5pm, by emailing annualplan@stdc.govt.nz