Pre-Consultation Electoral Representation

Pre-Consultation Electoral Representation

Feedback Wanted on South Taranaki’s Electoral Representation

The Council is reviewing the District’s electoral and representation arrangements for the 2019 local government elections and, as part of the review, is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the Council’s ward and Community Board boundaries.


The Council is required by law to review the District’s representation arrangements every six years. This includes reviewing things such as the number of councillors and wards we should have, whether we should have community boards and if so, how many, where the boundaries are and what the names of the wards and community boards ought to be.

When reviewing the District’s representation the Council has a number of rules which it must be guided by. For example the Council has to consider how to best represent the ‘communities of interest’ in the District and the number of councillors per ward must represent approximately the same number of people (with a tolerance of plus/minus 10%). Currently three of our five wards don’t meet that requirement, either because they have too many or too few residents per elected member.

Will I get another chance to give feedback?

Yes, this is just the first stage of getting some early feedback from our community. After the Council has considered this early feedback we will begin a more formal two stage consultation process that we are required to do under the Local Electoral Act 2001.


Under the proposal the boundaries of all wards have been redrawn (click here for map and table), except for the current Patea Ward and Community Board boundary, which stays the same.

The District’s 12 Councillors and four Community Boards (each with four members) will be kept and the Mayor will continue to be elected across the whole District.

The advantage of this proposal is that it is familiar and keeps the same number of councillors as we currently have. It would mean no change for most people. It also means three of the four wards comply with the population guidelines. Ward 4 (the current Patea Ward) is the only one which does not comply with the plus/minus 10% requirement. The Council sees this as a ‘best fit’ for meeting effective representation of communities of interest while also recognising the needs of geographically distinct communities. A summary of the proposal is outlined in the table here.

If there are other options you wish the Council to consider, now is the time to put those forward. The Council is also keen to receive feedback on the names of the proposed wards and community boards. We need your feedback by 5pm on Friday, 11 May 2018. Email to or drop into the Hawera Office or nearest LibraryPlus.

Proposed Council Wards

Proposed Community Boards