Supermarket Car Park Feedback

Supermarket Car Park Feedback

As part of our Long Term Plan, the Council is undertaking an urban renewal project to revitalise the Hawera Town Centre. This redevelopment will provide opportunities for joint initiatives between the Council and the business community.

One such opportunity has recently arisen. The Council has been approached by a local development company to see if it would sell them some Council-owned land currently used for public car parking on Victoria Street (see map below) in order to build a new, larger, supermarket.

The Council is considering this request and wants to know your views.

The Council is considering 2 options:

OPTION 1: Sell the land at (an agreed) market rate.

Potential impacts

A new, larger supermarket is built on the carparks (at the Victoria Street end).

The existing supermarket would then be demolished and that area turned into new carparks for supermarket customers only.

A purpose built car park would reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

Parking would be very limited during construction of the new supermarket.

Alternative parking will be available on Nelson Street and the former (Nelson Street) car sales yard.

When complete, the current unrestricted public carparks will no longer be available and will be replaced with 2 hour time limit supermarket carparks.

A cornerstone business is kept in the town CBD (A key objective of the Hawera Town Centre Strategy).

The development would create new local job opportunities.

Money raised from the sale could be used to fund other town centre developments.

OPTION 2: Don’t sell the land

Potential impacts

The project does not happen.

There is no change or reduction in unrestricted public carparks.

A major cornerstone business may relocate from the town CBD.


With Option 1, and future changes in the CBD, the town centre will have no fewer carparks. On Nelson and Union Streets (around the supermarket) parking time limits could be increased from 60 mins to 2 hrs.

There are currently two underused public carparks in the Hawera CBD – Napier Street and Cornish's Carpark.

As part of the wider plan to revitalise the Town Centre, the Council has recently purchased two buildings on High Street which will be developed to ’open up’ and improve access to the CBD from Cornish’s and Napier Street carparks (you can see this concept plan here). These projects could help off-set any reduction in car parks on Victoria Street.

Also, the Council owned land beside adjoining businesses (see the green section on the map) is not being considered for sale.



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