Election Overview

Election Overview

The next local Council and District Health Board elections will be held ( by postal vote) from 16 September until midday 8 October 2016.

Election Day is Saturday 8 October and voting closes at noon on that day. 

In the South Taranaki District you will be voting for the Mayor, councillors, community board members, regional councillors and district health board members. 

All councils in Taranaki are using the FPP (First Past the Post) voting system.  The Taranaki District Health Board is using STV (Single Transferable Vote).

The Electoral Officer has full responsibility for running the election.

The Electoral Officer  for South Taranaki is Dale Ofsoske. He can be contacted by phone 0800 922 822 or email dale.ofsoske@electionservices.co.nz

The Deputy Electoral Officer is Jan Johnston, phone 0800 111 323; email jan.johnston@stdc.govt.nz

The elections for South Taranaki District Council Mayor, councillors and community board members will be held on Saturday 8 October 2016.

Mayor - The Mayor is elected by all the district’s voters.

Council - For electoral purposes the district is divided into five wards that elect a total of 12 councillors (excluding the Mayor). The wards and number of councillors elected for each are:

  • Patea Ward - two councillors
  • Hawera Ward - four councillors
  • Tangahoe Ward – one Councillor
  • Eltham Ward - two councillors
  • Egmont Plains Ward – three Councillors

Click here to see Council Wards map

Community Boards –South Taranaki District has four Community Boards and electors in those communities vote for members to represent them on the respective community board. The Community Boards are Hawera, Egmont Plains, Eltham and Patea. Each community board comprises of four elected members plus one councillor from the relevant ward who is appointed by the council.

Click here to see Community Board Wards map

Election Timetable 2016



15 July

Candidate nominations open

15 July

Electoral roll open for inspection

12 August

Candidate nominations close and roll closes

17 - 24 August

Public notice of candidates' names

16 - 21 September

Voting documents delivered

16 September - 8 Oct

Special voting period

16 September - 8 Oct

Scrutiny and early processing

8 October

Election Day - voting closes 12 noon

8 October

Preliminary results

13 October

Official results

15 October

Declaration of result/public notice of results


Councillor swearing-in ceremonies