Hairy Hijinks at Eltham LibraryPlus

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:30 AM

Hairy Holidays (April 18-29)

5-12 years

 Go on! - let your hair down in our libraries during April.

Eltham LibraryPlus 

Eltham LibraryPlus April 20 10.30am 

Hairy Hijinks -  Human's aren't the only one's with hair. Come and grow your own hairy grass animal or try to guess which hair belongs to which animal.

Wednesday April 27 - 10.30am 

Happening Hair - Ever noticed pirates, gypsies and cowboys all have one piece of clothing in common? Come and make your own bandanna, whether its naughty or nice, you’re sure to have fun. 

Venue: Eltham LibraryPlus