XRACE Hawera 2015

XRACE Hawera 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015 12:30 PM

XRACE is a fantastic MYSTERY ADVENTURE. A challenging race against the clock and against other family teams. Teams of two must locate and complete 10 mystery challenges, beat the clock and all the other teams – with the fastest and luckiest family team crowned XRACE champion.

XRACE is an event like no other – there is simply no better feeling then lining up on the start line with your son or daughter.Last season, a super popular challenge was the “blindfold challenge”. Here, the parent in the team was blindfolded and had to complete a tricky course, directed only by their child’s voice. The most important ingredient of this challenge wasn’t strength or speed - it was trust. Parents had to trust their child to safely negotiate the course.

Another popular challenge was the sack race. This proved to be a devilishly tricky challenge as again, speed wasn’t the critical ingredient – teamwork was.

Teams can choose their own pace – flat out from the start or a fast walk – the choice is completely up to you. Some teams even used XRACE as a goal to get fitter. We aren’t asking you to run a marathon – most courses are between 2.5 km and 3.5 km. XRACE is achievable for everybody, so no excuses.

XRACE is about letting your child shine – not while you are watching from the sidelines cheering – but by being there, right by their side, encouraging and supporting them. This really is our most magical ingredient of them all.

You see, XRACE isn’t remotely about the race. It’s about creating the most amazing moments you could possibly share with your son or daughter.

Here at XRACE we don’t accept excuses – none because there aren’t any. Sign up to your local event and we will see you in your town this summer.

Venue: Ohawe Beach