Building and Planning

Building and Planning

All fees stated are a minimum fee. When the cost of receiving and processing an application and/or related processes exceeds the stated fee (minimum charge), the Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis. Time in excess of that covered by minimum fees will be charged in 30 minute increments to the nearest half hour. Costs incurred by Council, such as materials and consultants, are charged at cost plus 10% admin. All building fees have been set in accordance with the Building Amendment Act 2012.


Inspection Fee (per required inspection)$168.00
Processing Fee (per hour)$168.00
Administration Fee (per hour)$151.00
Code Compliance Certificate Fee$127.00
Building WOF Admin (annual filing fee)$75.50
Compliance Schedule Audits/Processing (per hour)$168.00
Certificate of Acceptance (Existing)$1,000.00
Certificate of Acceptance (Minor Works)$750.00
Producer Statementnot used
Consultants or Engineers Fees (cost plus admin)Cost plus 10%

Independent Qualified Person (IQP)

Registration Fee$255.00
Renewal Fee$195.00

Planning and Private Plan Changes

Council may elect not to charge a deposit for any particular planning application or service however we reserve the right to request payment in advance at Council's discretion, before performing any particular service.

Time and Processing Fee per hour$150.00
Administration Fee$22.00
Resource Consent Monitoring per hour plus disbursements$150.00
Consultancy ChargesActual Cost plus 10%
Hearings Committee Chairperson (per hour)$100.00
Hearings Committee Member (per hour)$80.00
Independent Hearing CommissionerActual Cost
District Plan (hard copy)$310.00
District Plan (compact disk)$15.50