Photocopying and Scanning Fees

Photocopying Fees A4 single black and white $0.50
A4 double black and white $0.70
A3 single black and white $0.70
A3 double black and white                                                                        $1.00
A4 single colour $1.00
A4 double colour $1.50
A3 single colour $1.50
A3 double colour $2.00
Scanning Fees A4 per page $0.50
A4 double sided $0.70
A3 per page $0.70
A3 double sided $1.00

Property Files

Standard Property Files - emailed $20.00
Standard Property Files on USB* $28.00
Large Property Files (over 1000 documents) - emailed                                                             $80.00
Large Property Files on USB* $96.00

*plus courier fee if required

** Hard copy Property Files available - see photocopying fees above

Note: Free service for viewing property files available at all LibraryPlus and Hawera Administration Kiosks.

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA)

Per hour (first hour free) - photocopying fees as per photocopying charges (first 50 pages free) $50.00

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

All fees stated are a minimum fee. When the cost of receiving and processing a LIM exceeds the stated fee (minimum charge) the Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis. Time in excess of that covered by minimum fees will be charged in 30 minute increments to the nearest half hour.

Residential/Rural (minimum charge plus any additional actual and reasonable costs) $235.00
Commercial/Industrial (minimum charge plus any additional actual and reasonable costs)        $295.00