InterloanInterloan requests$8.50
Interloan requests with Super Gold Card$7.00
Lost or damaged itemsReplacementCost + $5.00
Membership CardsReplacement$6.50
Printingvia internet/word processing - per page$0.50
Withdrawn StockSale of withdrawn stock - per book (hardcover)$0.50
Per magazine or paperback$0.20
Overdue chargesAdult Cards$0.30
Junior Cards$0.00
Home Delivery Courier ServiceNew service to be provided for able bodied people who choose to have books couriered to their homes. *Note: the service for home bound people is freeActual and Reasonable Costs
Photocopying FeesA4 single black and white$0.50
A4 double black and white$0.70
A3 single black and white$0.70
A3 double black and white$1.00
A4 single colour$1.00
A4 double colour$1.50
A3 single colour$1.50
A3 double colour$2.00
Scanning FeesA4 per page$0.50
A4 double$0.70
A3 per page$0.70
A3 double$1.00
3D Printing3D Printing per gram$0.25