Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees

Food Control Plans and National Programmes

Food Control PlansAdministration and reciept of Food Control Plans and the first hour of audit$500.00
National ProgrammesAdministration and receipt of National Programmes (Bi-annual charge)$300.00
Audit, verification and inspections, minimum hourly charge plus actual and reasonable costs including consultants$150.00

Other Licence Charges

Amusement Device Inspection$12.00
Camping Grounds$200.00
Funeral Directors$175.00
Offensive Trades$225.00
Transfer of Licence$70.00
Mobile Shops$180.00
Street Cafe Permits$250.00
Gambling Act Consent Fee$350.00
Stereo Seizure Return Fee (if approved)$150.00
Stereo Seizure Return Fee Second Offence (if approved)$500.00
Skateboard Seizure Return Fee (if approved)$50.00
Removal of non-complying advertising signs or footpath obstructions, per item $150.00

 Tattooists, Beauticians and Body Piecers

Inspections, minimum hourly charge plus actual and reasonable costs$150.00


Swimming Pool Fencing Inspection$150.00

Liquor Licencing Fees

Liquor Licence Application - Very Low$368.00
Liquor Licence Application - Low$609.50
Liquor Licence Application - Medium$816.50
Liquor Licence Application - High$1,023.50
Liquor Licence Application - Very High$1,207.50
Liquor Licence Annual Fee - Very Low$161.00
Liquor Licence Annual Fee - Low$391.00
Liquor Licence Annual Fee - Medium$632.50
Liquor Licence Annual Fee - High$1,035.00
Liquor Licence Annual Fee - Very High$1,437.50
Special Licence Application - Small$63.25
Special Licence Application - Medium$207.00
Special Licence Application - Large$575.00
Managers Certificate Application$316.50
Temporary Authority$296.70
Temporary Licence$296.70
Extract of DLC Register$57.50