Parking, litter and noise infringements

Parking, litter and noise infringements


Fees set by Central Government

Less than 30 minutes$12.00
30-60 minutes$15.00
60-120 minutes$21.00
120-240 minutes$30.00
240-360 minutes$42.00
Taxi Stand$60.00
Bus Stop$40.00
Across entrance$40.00
Yellow Lines$60.00
Double Parked$60.00
Wrong Way$40.00
Reversed into park$40.00

 Litter infringements

Less than 1 litre$100.00
1 - 20 litres$200.00
20 - 120 litres (or any litter in a Council Reserve)$300.00
More than 120 litres (or hazardous waste)$400.00
Removal of litter, illegal dumping, cleaning of graffiti, minimum hourly charge for time (additionally actual clean-up costs apply)$135.00

Noise Infringements

Breach of END Notice$500.00
Breach of Abatement Notice$750.00