Rural Pools

School lesson (per session of up to 3 hours) plus the cost of lifeguard/s$15.00
Private hire (per session of up to 3 hours) plus the cost of lifeguard/s$66 or $22 hourly pro-rata
Lifeguard chargeout rate per hour$26.00

Aquatic Centre

Entry Fees

Children (5-16 years)$3.70
Gold Card Customers (20% off full adult price)$3.60
Family Pass$12.20
Groups (12 or more persons)$3.20
Hydroslide (plus admissions)$3.70
Swim Squad$3.20
Learn to Swim 4+ years (per lesson)*$9.00
Learn to Swim AquaTots (per lesson)*$7.50
Learn to Swim 1 on 1 lesson (30 min)*$30.00
Learn to Swim 1 on 2 lesson (30 min)*$40.00
SwimFit (TriFit) per session$9.00
Krazy Kayaks (per lesson)*$9.00
Lifesaving (Bronze Star/Bronze Medallion etc RLSS) plus disbursements*$9.00
Access & Inclusion (special needs) private lesson 1 on 1*$12.50
Holiday Crash Course (Swim and Survive)*$9.00
Holiday Programme (Swim and Survive)*$9.00
School Swim and Survive with instructors (40min - cost per head)*$4.00
AquaFit normal pool admission (nominally $4.50 per head)*$4.50
BBQ Hire*$7.50
Shower (without Pool use)*$3.00
Green Prescription (Adult) (20% off full adult price)*20% off
Green Prescription (Child) (20% off full child price)20% off
Cancellation fee (for no shows without 24 hours notice)Cost of instructors

*Price is inclusive of pool entry

Swim tickets

Preschooler 11 Swim ticket$15.00
Child 11 Swim Ticket$32.50
Child 22 Swim Ticket$60.00
Child 50 Swim Ticket$130.00
Adult 11 Swim Ticket$40.00
Adult 22 Swim ticket$75.00
Adult 50 Swim Ticket$160.00
Gold Card 11 Swim Ticket$32.00
Gold Card 22 Swim Ticket$60.00
Gold Card 50 Swim Ticket$128.00

Exclusive use

Private use per hour 25m (with indoor learners pool)$125.00
Private use per hour 25m only$104.00
Private use per hour 50m (with outdoor change rooms)$124.00
Hydroslide per hour (additional to indoor pool)$74.00
Thermal Pool (additional to indoor pool)$44.00
Toddler's Splash Park (additional to indoor pool)$44.00
Swim Clubs (per hour)$74.00
Lane Hire (per hour)$22.00
Inflatable (per hour) additional to normal entry fees or hire charges$26.00