Prices for hirage of multiple spaces or for periods of more than 24 hours are negotiated with the hirer.

Additional charges may apply for public holidays.

A fee may be charged for hirers making a tentative booking of the facility as a back-up venue - but not using it.

Stadium - 1 Court HireCommunityPer hour$39.00
 CommercialPer hour$78.00
 ProgrammesCasual Courts 1&2 only - up to 2 hours (no lights) per person$8.00
Southern loungeCommunityPer hour$30.00
 CommercialPer hour$42.00
Function/Conference Area (Lounge 2)CommunityPer hour$34.00
 CommercialPer hour$52.00
West LoungeCommunityPer hour$26.00
 CommercialPer hour$36.00
East Lounge CafeCommunityPer hour$26.00
 CommercialPer hour$38.00
Smallbore Ante Room Per hour$18.00
Outdoor Court Area Casual hire.court/hour (includes toilets and pavilion)$40.00
  Outdoor netball court lights (up to 2 hours)$26.00
Cricket Pavilion HireCommunityPer hour$32.00
 CommercialPer hour$42.00
Change Room Hire Per use$38.00
Playing Field Lights Per field per hour$10.00
  Number 1 Field game lights per hour$55.00
Floor Coverings Setup/clean dismantle (per court)$575.00
Staff Function Support Per event/function, hourly rate$38.00
Wi-Fi For 2 hours$3.00
For 4 hours$4.00
Wi-FiFor 6 hours$5.00
For 8 hours$6.00
For 24 hours$10.00
Marking a SportsfieldMarking field for the first time - includes measuring the dimensions of the fieldPer field$255.00
Remarking an existing fieldPer field$150.00
Sports ProgrammesCost per team