Waste Services

Waste Services

Transfer Stations

General RefuseWheelie bin (at transfer station) - 120L$8.00
 Wheelie bin (at transfer station) - 240L$15.00
 Large Bag (60L)$4.00
 Cars and Station Wagons$26.00
 Standard Single Axle Trailer$44.00
 Standard Single Axle Trailer (raised sides)$151.00
 Vans, Utes and 4WDs$65.00
 Tandem Trailers/tonne$168.00
 Others per tonne$168.00
 Car tyres - each (up to 10)$15.00
 Light truck tyres - each (up to 10)$23.00
 Tractor tyres - each (up to 10)$39.00
 Fluorescent tubes$4.00
 Oil (per litre)$2.00
 Public weighbridge (Hawera only)$31.00
GreenwasteWheelie bin (at transfer station) - 120L$4.00
 Wheelie bin (at transfer station) - 240L$8.00
 Large bag$2.00
 Cars and Station Wagons$13.00
 Standard Single Axle Trailer$22.00
 Standard Single Axle Trailer (raised sides)$76.00
 Vans, Utes and 4WDs$33.00
 Tandem Trailers/tonne$84.00
 Others per tonne$84.00
Annual Fee - Greenwaste Kerbside Collection$120.00

Kerbside Collection

Annual Fee (pro-rated for the number of months)$281.75
General Waste bin replacement charge$66.92
Recycling bin replacement charge$71.69
Glass crate replacement charge$6.33
Bin delivery fee$31.97

Trade Waste - WWTP

Tanker Septage (per m3)$45.00
Controlled Industries$130.00
Conditional Industries - ElthamFlow $/m3$0.98
Effluent Quality $/kg - TSS$2.15
Effluent Quality $/kg - COD$0.50
Conditional Industries - HaweraFlow $/m3$0.46
Effluent Quality $/kg - TSS$1.10
Effluent Quality $/kg - COD$0.29
Conditional Industries - Other AreasFlow $/m3$1.03
Effluent Quality $/kg - TSS$0.42
Effluent Quality $/kg - COD$0.28
Extra InspectionsControlled$400.00