Local Discretionary Fund

Local Discretionary Fund

Local Discretionary Fund

There are four Local Discretionary Funds, one for each ward in South Taranaki (Egmont Plains, Eltham, Hawera and Patea). The purpose of these Funds is to assist small projects within each ward that encourage groups with non-profit making or charitable aims to develop services, facilities, amenities or programmes for:

  • Recreation and Sport;
  • Entertainment and Amusement;
  • Culture and Arts; and
  • General Benefit of the Community.

These funds should generally be treated as a last resort after all other attempts to raise funds or obtain assistance have been unsuccessful. Closing dates can be found on page 4 of the application form.

For further information, contact Maryse Ropiha - Executive Assistant Community Services on maryse.ropiha@stdc.govt.nz or phone 0800 111 323 or 2780555.

Download the Discretionary Fund Application Form for your area by clicking one of the links below

Egmont Plains Application Form (PDF), Egmont Plains Application Form(Word)

Eltham Application Form (PDF), Eltham Application Form (Word)

Hawera Application Form (PDF), Hawera Application Form (Word)

Patea Application Form (PDF),Patea Application Form(Word)