A New Civic Space

In 2011, an independent review found Hawera LibraryPlus was too small for the numbers of people using it and recommended building a larger district facility.

The Council is considering the feasibility of replacing the current Library with a new multi-purpose 'Civic Centre'. This facility could potentially centralise library and council services, art gallery, culture and heritage services and i-SITE Visitor Information Centre into one location.

This facility could be a key anchor project for the Town Centre Strategy and would provide the following:

Civic public space for everyone

A place to meet - social

Educational - technology/schools/adult learning/research

Cultural - artwork/gallery/exhibition space


Food and beverage

Gateway - marker

Catalyst for regeneration – business/retail

Cultural distinctiveness - history/people

Town Square - Civic Greenspace

Along with the concept of a new Civic Centre is the idea of a new town square and civic greenpace. This would provide:

A place to meet - social

Events - Community/Regional

Activity/Play/ Recreation

Connects with buildings around it

Food and beverage

Public space for everyone

Cultural distinctiveness - History/Art/People

Gateway/Marker - Sense of arrival