Design Concepts

Boffa Miskell are the specialist urban designers the Council has engaged to work on the Hawera Town Centre Strategy. Over the last few months Boffa Miskel has been working with a project advisory group (made up of a variety of business, council and community stakeholders) to research, define core principles and develop some initial concepts. Please note, these concepts are just that - concepts which are being used to stimulate discussion, encourage ideas and facilitate the planning process.

Click on the links below to see some of the initial concepts.

Overview and Background (pdf 9.6 mb)

Economic Analysis (pdf 9.6 mb)

Civic Centre (pdf 13 mb)

Design Principles, Street Access and Structure (pdf 13 mb)

Design Concepts (13.4 mb)

Plan Management (12.9mb)

Feedback (9.7 mb)

You can also access a SUMMARY Feedback Form and Conept Design Booklet by clicking here.