Design Principles

An effective town centre strategy needs to be based on sound urban design principles. The principles upon which we are basing the Hawera Town Centre Strategy are as follows:


Need to define a core

Use a civic anchor project as a catalyst for regeneration.

Use existing retail/parking anchors to drive activity between

Add quality public green space

Retain heritage buildings of group value

Allow for residential opportunities closer to the Town Centre

Create an attractive and vibrant Town Centre


Promote wider strategic connections

Connect to and between Town Centre anchors.

Create better arrival points and routes to the Town Centre

Enhance pedestrian/cycle network and encourage public transport

Use lighting to provide safe connections at night

Culture and Community

A place for people to spend time - culture change

Enhance physical features such as heritage buildings

Emphasise distinctiveness of Hawera - fire, water & earth

Recognise Hawera’s rural context

Create more opportunities for speciality retail

Provide opportunities for new architecture/technologies.

Local Iwi


Actively coordinate, advocate and champion

Lead by example

Incentivise - awards, advice re heritage, Council/Bizlink

Cultural events/activity