Council Considers Industrial Park

Council Considers Industrial Park

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The South Taranaki District Council is carrying out a feasibility study into the development of an Industrial Park in the District.

South Taranaki District Council Chief Executive Waid Crockett says the project is one of the Council’s Long Term Plan actions to support economic development and sustainability.

“We have commissioned two companies, Veros and Rationale, to work together to conduct a feasibility study and business case into the concept of an Industrial Park,” says Mr Crockett.

“The study would look at things like; need, an assessment of costs and benefits, where the best location might be and what infrastructure would be required. A recommendation will then be made to Council whether or not there is a case for further development and, if so, next steps towards establishment.”

The study, which has been part funded by the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund, is expected to be finished by June.

Mr Crockett says the Industrial Park study is being carried out at the same time as master planning for the Eltham, Ōpūnake, Manaia, Pātea and Waverley town centres.