Dangerous Trees to be Removed

Dangerous Trees to be Removed

Monday, January 25, 2016

A small plantation of mixed pine, macrocarpa and gums trees which borders the Eltham Primary School, Golf Club and Soldiers Park will be felled and removed over the next 3-4 weeks.

The work, which will start Monday 25 January, is being jointly funded by the Ministry of Education (via Eltham Primary School) and the South Taranaki District Council (STDC).

Project coordinator, STDC Parks Curator David Bruce, says the trees are being removed because many of them are overgrown and dangerous.

“The issue of safety around these trees has long been a concern of members of the Eltham community and over the years the Council has received numerous complaints about the trees. In particular the Primary School is concerned that some of the nearby gum trees might fall on the school or students. In fact a couple of years ago a tree actually fell on part of the swimming pool, though fortunately no one was injured.”

Mr Bruce says one of the problems is that some of the outgrown trees are growing in soft, stream side soil and consequently are susceptible to being blown over.

“Over time the area will be replanted in native bush, a continuation of the plantings undertaken by community volunteers in Soldiers Park in recent years. The Primary School also plans to develop a native bush resource area for the students.

We may need to leave the area fallow for quite some time, so that we can deal with the ‘Old Man’s Beard’ growing there.”

Mr Bruce says the contractor removing the trees is R&S Dreaver. Non-commercial firewood from the trees is being given to the local Eltham Lion’s Club and Fire Brigade to use for fundraising.