Old Patea Pool to be demolished and tidied

Old Patea Pool to be demolished and tidied

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The old Patea Pool is being demolished and reinstated into grass says South Taranaki District Council engineering group manager Brent Manning.

Mr Manning says the area will be tidied up so that it is not an eyesore, a danger to young people or a target for vandalism.

“All the existing buildings will be demolished and fences removed, apart from those bordering neighbouring properties,” says Mr Manning.

“Any iron or timber that can be reused will be recycled by the contractor with the remains disposed in an approved landfill. All concrete will be pushed into the old pool to use as fill,” he says.

“The concrete terraces have to remain as they stabilise the hillside, however the area will be graded so there is a gentle gradient running from the terraces to the front embankment of the pool and then regrassed.”

Mr Manning says the reinstatement work, which costs approximately $25,000, should begin in early December, weather permitting and will be finished early in the New Year.