Quarry Consent Granted

Quarry Consent Granted

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Council’s Environment and Hearings Committee granted resource consent last week to R A Wallis Ltd to establish and operate a quarry at 150 Lower Glenn Road, Manaia near Kaupokonui.

The consent was granted with a number of conditions attached including the requirement to have a Quarry Management Plan, a Noise Management Plan, limits on heavy vehicle movements, hours of operation and a work programme for progressive reinstatement of the quarried area.

The Hearings Committee considered any adverse effects associated with the activity could be addressed through the consent conditions and required quarry management practices, so that the effects are confined to the site and don’t impact on others in a way that is more than minor.

The quarry is  located further up the Kaupokonui Stream than a previous application and is some distance away from the Kaupokonui Beach Campground

The quarry consent application was notified to neighbouring land owners and occupiers. Six submissions were received, five in opposition and one in support. A further 14 parties provided their written approval to the proposal.