'There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight' - Dixie St Jazz Band

'There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight' - Dixie St Jazz Band

Thursday, July 07, 2011

If good old fashioned New Orleans Jazz music and themed dinner sounds right up your alley – don’t miss out on Rod Andrew’s Dixie St Jazz Band when they play ‘A hot time in the old town tonight’ at TSB Hub on Friday 26th of August.

The Band, made up of some of the best traditional Jazz musicians in Australia, describe themselves as a “well-ripened bunch of larrikins,” who like to bring to their performances plenty of good humour that will appeal to both young and old.

Band leader, Rod Andrews says that Jazz exists primarily at the ‘moment of performance’.   “You might make a sound recording of it, and transcribe the notes onto a score.   But the next live performance won’t sound like that record or that score,” he says.

“Beyond its historical significance, the music itself is sometimes punchy, full of flair and subtle when required, much of it is irresistibly happy.  This tour aims at inviting you to experience the ‘moment of performance’ where the collective improvisation of the group provides that ‘sound of surprise’ that can only be experienced live.”

The music for this tour was selected for its diverse mix, easy listening and danceablility.  Tempo’s change from Ballads to Marches; Ragtime and Stomps.  The repertoire highlights the 1900-1930 golden years of early Jazz, featuring classic compositions of Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong. 

Whether you like Jazz or not, when piano, sousaphone, banjo, drums, trombone, trumpet and reeds get together, the result is irresistible. The nerves in your feet twitch whilst some rare musical gems from around 1900 simply grab your whole body and give it a good shake. 

So go on, treat yourself and your friends to a night of great music, dancing and food.

Tickets ($50 per person) are now on sale from the South Taranaki i-SITE Visitor Information Centre.

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